Outlander Map of Inverness

Our 2020 – 2021 Updated Map

We started off 2020 like everyone else with so may plans but Covid-19 put a block on them, most were cancelled or postponed. We had already started working on our 2020 version of our map when the lock down hit but there was no turning back adverts had already been sold, so this years Outlander Map of Inverness will be for both 2020 and 2021 as the places mentioned on our map aren’t going anywhere.

We have a lot of fantastic talented members in our Inverness Outlander group who all came together to produce this wonderful Outlander map of Inverness. It’s has lots of the Outlander books and Jacobite related locations around the Inverness area to discover (Please remember no filming of the Outlander TV series happened in Inverness). 

Leachkinchambered cairn by Marjory Tait  from Highland Celtic Art 

One of our members Marjory Tait  from Highland Celtic Art  https://www.highlandcelticart.co.uk/  painted our amazing cover picture which is of the Leachkin Chambered Cairn on Craig Dunain Hill above Inverness. We love our newly designed cover.
One of our tour guide members Caroline Keith did a fantastic job redesigning the inside of our map along with Highland News and Media Ltd. Some of the lovely photos that were used were taken by our member Mhairi Jarvie. 

This map came together with the help and support of the whole Inverness Outlanders Group who collaborated on the map but also thanks to all the advertisers who help pay for this map to be printed so that all Outlander fans visiting Inverness  can get their hands on it for free.  It is made by Outlander fans for Outlander fans.

We also added two new points onto our new map, these points along with all the points are on our Geotourist audio tour which is a free audio tour you can listen to from anywhere in the world, you can find more information on this near the end of this blog

Outlander Map Of Inverness

How Our Map Came About

Ever since we first read Outlander over twenty years ago we always thought that it would be wonderful if there was an Inverness map with references to locations mentioned in the books. Back in 2013 we discovered that there were other Outlander Fans living in and around Inverness and it didn’t take us long to become friends with each other and formed the Inverness Outlanders group. We often talked about how an Outlander Map was needed for Inverness and one of the most common questions that we were asked online was – ‘Besides Clava Cairns and Culloden Battlefield what other Outlander related places are there in Inverness?’ So we started our blog to address this question. click here and click here to read the blog posts which answer the question. We found it was a huge hit with visiting Outlander Fans but we still felt a map was needed, then in 2017 we were asked to do a stall in the clan tent at the Inverness Highland Games.

We made up display boards showing places for Outlander fans to visit in and around Inverness. These boards were very popular, especially with local B&Bs and guest houses, who were desperate to find out where they could get this information.

Visit Scotland have done an amazing job on the Outlander Film Location Map click here but there wasn’t a map out there for the book and real history locations in Inverness.

We stressed how much this map was needed and we would help someone put it together. This is when the Inverness Events Manager Gerry Reynolds put us together with the Scottish Provincial Press who were more than happy to help our idea come to a reality.

We got in touch with Diana Gabaldon to tell her about our idea which she gave us her blessing and also gave permission to use some quotes from the Outlander book series on the map. We can’t thank Diana Gabaldon enough for all the support she gives to Outlander Fans.

So with a big hand from Bernadette Walker at SPP, all the sponsors who helped pay for the map being published and the amazing team work from our Inverness Outlander group finally in May 2018 we got our hands on the Inverness Outlander Map.


April 2019 we received the second version of our map . This year we got 20,000 copies as last year we were running out early in the season .

Here’s a better on line link for printing the map yourself but we find this one doesn’t open on phones it is better on a PC

Printable Inverness Outlander Map

We are sorry to say we are not in the position to send these by mail order.

These maps are FREE to Outlander Fans visiting Inverness , we will be distributing them around key locations on the map sites as well as Inverness Visit Scotland shop in the centre of town, we hope you find them helpful. No profit was made by us producing these maps they are purely to help other Outlander Fan find places of interest in Inverness.

The audio version of our map is now out and available to download for FREE with Geotourist.

This a fantastic new digital audio tour will help visitors to Inverness and Outlander fans from all over the world discover key Outlander landmarks dotted across the Inverness area using your own smartphone and the free Geotourist app.

Download Geotourist app and listen now. The audio has been done by mostly members of our Inverness Outlander Map but we are lucky to have Gillebride Macmillan who plays Gwyllyn the Bard and Sarah Fraser author of The Last Highlander do the audio for some of the points.

Thanks to Bruce MacGregor from the band ‘ Blazin’ Fiddles’ for letting us include his music in the app , the piece is called “The nameless clan” is written by Bruce MacGregor and performed by Bruce MacGregor and Cliar.

We hope you enjoy….

click here – takes you to the tour on the app.

click here – this takes you to the tour via the website

click here – takes you to Culloden via the website

We got a lovely congratulations tweet from Diana when we announced the launch of the audio app.

Huge thank you to all who volunteered to recorded each of the points on the map here is the list of who they are….

Introduction audio by Caroline Keith

Inverness Castle audio by Amanda Luscombe

Inverness Museum and Art Gallery audio by Julie Mutch

Leakey’s Bookshop audio by Jo De Sylva

Old High Church audio by Bruce MacGregor

St Mary’s Church audio by Nan Allan

Ness Walk audio by Jordan Clark
Inverness Railway Station audio by Jim Miller

Inverness Botanic Gardens audio by Cerys Davies

Tomnahurich Hill audio by Amanda Luscombe

Highland Archive Centre audio by Mhairi Jarvis

Abertarff House audio by Sarah Fraser

Farm and Household Stores audio by Lorien Cameron-Ross

Leachkin Chambered Cairn audio by Amanda Luscombe

The Bishop’s Palace audio by Catherine MacNeil

Wardlaw Mausoleum audio by Sarah Fraser

Beauly Priory audio by Amanda Luscombe

Corrimony Chambered Cairn audio by Niamh Beattie

Balnain audio by Gillebride MacMillan

Strathpeffer, Eagle’s Stone, Castle Leod audio by Amanda Luscombe

Clootie Well, Munlochy audio by Clare Campbell

Culloden Battlefield audio by Catriona McIntosh

Culloden Trail audio by Catriona McIntosh

Fort George audio by Lorien Cameron-Ross

Clava Cairns audio by Caroline Keith

Reelig Glen audio by Amanda Luscombe

Culloden House Hotel audio by Julie Mutch

Urquhart Castle audio by Paul Lang

Loch Ness audio by Stuart Ian Roxburgh

Chanonry Point audio by Alexander Donaldson

Thank you.

We’ve had a couple press articles on our maps

The Scotsman

The Inverness Courier

The Sun

21 thoughts on “Outlander Map of Inverness

  1. Would you be willing to put a handful in an envelope and mail them to SoCal Outlanders? I would send a check and distribute them locally.


  2. Well done, Inverness Outlanders! I was fortunate to have visited Inverness twice last year. (And once, way back in 1983) I’ve only seen a small portion of these sites, but now, I feel that there is NO EXCUSE for not returning to visit the rest.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Question to Inverness Outlanders: How large is the actual UNFOLDED map?
    Comment to Inverness Outlanders: I cannot print out the map in a practical readable fashion without having to paste multiple sheets of paper together– and I would need 10X magnifiers to read it.
    Please arrange to allow us here in the states AND elsewhere to mail-order copies of it.
    Thank you!


  4. As Jamie says “This is wonderful news”! I’ll make sure to grab a copy for my next trip. As one Outlander fan to another, if you need help with the audio tour, I’d love to be a resource to you as a voice over talent. You can check out my site here http://www.jordynacconcia.com
    Happy to send over a sample!


  5. When visiting the area in 2004, my host took me to a cemetery by Loch Ness where he pointed to stones where the clansmen sharpened their swords before Culloden. I can send you the picture if you like.


  6. Hello, would it be possible to have a pdf version of the map published here? Many browsers have problems with Flash! Thank you!


  7. Hi. Wow!!! This is fantastic. I just wish I had it last October when my daughter and I were there. We took a bus tour of the Highlands and we were dropped off to wander around Inverness on our own for 4 hours. Although it was lovely, we had no idea where to go. For next time…
    Thank you.


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