Outlander Walking Tour of Inverness City

We put together this blog and ‘Places to visit for Outlander Fans In the Inverness Area‘ to help Outlander fans who are in Inverness and wonder what they should visit. We hope these blogs help you  discover the beauty and history  of Inverness.   Inverness Castle Destroyed in 1746 during the Jacobite Rising the present… Continue reading Outlander Walking Tour of Inverness City

Outlander Day In the Highlands

On September 5th 2015 The Highland Folk Museum in Newtonmore  (where some of episode 5 “Rent” of Outlander was filmed) held their first Outlander Day. A few months previously we had met with the manager (Graham) of the Folk Museum @HighlandFolk who had contacted us about  holding an Outlander event (He had heard about us as we’d already had fantastic… Continue reading Outlander Day In the Highlands

Jamie’s Inverness

If you are visiting Inverness and wonder what the town would have looked like in Jamie’s time then read this blog post.  Inverness has changed dramatically since the 18th century but some of the buildings from Jamie’s time still stands in Inverness and I have included some of them here. Abertarff House The first building… Continue reading Jamie’s Inverness

Places to visit for Outlander Fans In the Inverness Area

   We are Outlander fans who are lucky enough to live in or around Inverness.  We set up this blog to help other Outlander fans who come to Inverness but also to share some of our Outlander adventures. One of the Questions we often get asked is ‘besides Culloden  Battlefield  and Clava Cairns (which are… Continue reading Places to visit for Outlander Fans In the Inverness Area

Visit to Castle Leod (Leoch)

12/8/14 Last year we visited Castle Leod, the inspiration behind Castle Leoch.  We met the present Laird John Ruaridh Grant MacKenzie who welcomed us into the castle.  It is a lovely, old castle with lots of artifacts collected by generations of MacKenzies.  The Laird spoke to us about the recent deterioration of the outside of… Continue reading Visit to Castle Leod (Leoch)