Outlander on the BAFTA Scotland Red Carpet 2016 with @Outlandish_UK

On the 5th October  we found out that Outlander, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan  had all been nominated for a Scottish BAFTA . We were delighted with this as we’ve been waiting for it since Sam Heughan was there to present an award back in 2013.

We weren’t going to go the Glasgow  for the red carpet, we knew lots of our Outlandish UK  friends were going but  we had a last minute change of heart and decided to drive ( Julie drove) the eight hour round  trip and we were so glad that we did.

Road Trip

We arrived in time for lunch and with some of  our Outlandish UK friends and  kept  an eye on Raddison Blu Hotel across the road.


Around 3pm Outlandish UK gathered in front of the hotel .We always have such a great time when we get together OUK has a big ‘Gatherings’ every two years , annually we get together in the Highland Folk Museum for ‘Outlander Day’ plus there are lots of regional gatherings organised all over the UK . It’s such a great community we love being part of it.

You can like their page click here  , or contact the admin if you’d like to become a group member..


The hotel security  came  out to see what was on our banner they thought they had a protest group on their hands . They had never see so many people waiting outside the hotel for the BAFTAs




Gary Lewis and Steven Cree arrived early and were so lovely to all the fans who were waiting outside .


Gary is the’ king of hugs’ he was delighted to see us all there


Steven Cree spent ages chatting and taking photos with fans


Both Steven and Gary were so fantastic chatting away to us

They both took group photos with Outlandish UK



Then the barriers were put out and it was time to  find a space

We are also Peakers @MyPeakChallenge


Just after 5pm  the BAFFA attendees  started to arrive . We Periscoped it live, you can find it here click here . We were shocked at the amount of live viewer it got even William Shatner  was watching it .


We’ve put  it onto You Tube cutting  out some of the  beginning



Meeting the Outlander Cast on the Red Carpet  was such fun they were all so nice . Here’s some of the photos we took.

bafta 4444.jpg
Thank Elaine from OUK for the Bill Patterson Photo

We did sadly miss David Berry ( Lord John Gray ) who was also there.


( thanks Adi from OUK for the David Berry  photo )

Sam and Caitriona looked fab on the red carpet .


We don’t think we look too bad on the red carpet either .


We had such a good fun day amongst friends and it one to put in the memory box

A huge Congratulations to Caitriona Balfe for taking home a BAFTA for the best  Actress in  Television, well deserved . We had a wee scream in the car on the way back up the road when it was announced.

.bafta-666We’re hoping that there are going to be lots more awards for all the Outlander Cast in the future .


This is what we do after an Outlander event 🙂

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