Diana Gabaldon gives an Emotional Talk at Culloden

On the 22nd of July 2016 Diana Gabaldon gave her first ever talk at Culloden Visitor Centre and we were lucky enough get some of the 70 tickets available for this  event as were Outlandish UK members of which there were a lot in attendance.

We have seen Diana a good  few times but this was an extra special meeting. not only was it on our home turf, but it was at the very location that is such a central point in the Outlander story , the evening was so emotional for all who were there.

We did film Diana’s talk

and some of the Q&A before my battery died


You will hear Paul thanking Diana for helping stop the housing  development on Culloden, we were involved with this too.  Here’s a photo we took of Paul back in early  2014 with Pocket Jamie  on the first march to stop the development.  This  is the  article Click Here from  March 2014 where Diana and Outlander fans were helping to stop the housing development on Culloden .


Afterwards Diana was so lovely meeting and chatting to each one of us and signing our books  diana sign

She signed a lovely card for  Elaine  who was sick and upset she that she couldn’t join us. Elaine designed the fantastic dragonfly t-shirts  that Outlandish UK are selling for charity.card.jpg

Also so happy that Diana wrote a card for the Inverness Outlanders that we will treasure forever

diana card





At the end of the evening we got a group photo Diana and Outlandish UK members. We can’t thank Diana enough for doing this and  very surprised and delighted that Diana posted it on her Facebook page .

diana group This evening  will live with us forever as an unforgettable experience. A huge thanks to Culloden Battlefield for organising it and Diana herself for coming.


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