The Wardlaw Mausoleum and The Outlander Effect


In February 2016 Outlander’s newly announced cast member Richard Rankin, who’s  playing Roger MacKenzie, decided to take to trip Inverness and visit some of the places  mentioned in the  Outlander series.  Richard took  many lovely photos including this one at Culloden. Culloden 2We’re delighted that the Outlander cast have taken it on themselves to visit the real Historical places mentioned in the book.  So we thought that we’d give Richard the heads up about other places to visit and pointed him towards our blog.

Culloden 3

He took our advice and the next day he went to visit the top locations in our list of places to visit while in the Inverness area.   CLICK HERE FOR THE BLOG  Richard went to the Wardlaw Mausoleum.



Culloden 4

Richard enjoyed the experience so much that he brought his co star Sophie Skelton back to Wardlaw when she joined him in Inverness that weekend.

wardlaw 2wardlaw 4wardlaw 3wardlaw

wardlaw 5

It’s so wonderful seeing the cast taking the same interest in the real  Jacobite history that the Outlander fans do.

Since Richard and Sophie’s visit to Wardlaw Mausoleum a lot more people now know about it. We spoke to Diana in 2014 about Wardlaw and we weren’t surprised to hear that she already knew all about it and had visited it. This must have been before the restoration as Erik who looks after it had no idea what Outlander was when we first visited it early 2014.  At that time he said that they probably got about two visitors a month.  We let him know that that was all about to change and we’d help get the word out about this fascinating place. Wardlaw has now become part of a few Outlander Tours now and all the donations are helping towards the continuing restoration of this historic building.   The Mausoleum is run by volunteers who do it for the love of it and to help keep history alive.


The story continues…..

It has been disputed whether  Lord Lovat’s body is actually in the coffin at Wardlaw as The Tower of London has him buried in their Chapel of Saint Peter ad Vincula but the story is that his body was swapped  and brought home in secret  to his family crypt. There’s only one way to prove that it’s The Old Fox in that coffin and that’s with DNA testing against the rest of his family who are in the crypt.

wardlaw 6

wardlaw 7


Because of all this interest on twitter  Nicola MacAlley from @STVnews  visited Wardlaw Mausoleum  and did an excellent report on it .

Wardlaw 11

Wardlaw 10


Here it is on the  Scottish news



Professor Dame Sue Black from Dundee University visits  Wardlaw and opens the coffin to try find out if its Old Fox in there.



Read about Professor Dame Sue Black visit  here  click here

Where to find Wardlaw Mausleum Information :                                                                                                                                               You can help them by donating here:    

Here’s the  links to some Press articles about Richards and Sophie’s visit   International Business Times:’Outlander’ Season 2 cast members Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin brush-up on Frasers’ history

Scotland Now: Outlander’s Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin learn more about Fraser family history at Wardlaw Mausoleum


It’s just amazing what Outlander is doing for Scotland and for historic places of interest.  Without Outlander fans with their interest in real Scottish history,  generous donations, and spreading the word we would be still be in the dark about some of these fascinating places.  Lots of non Outlander fans are going to visit these places because they’ve heard about them due to the interest around Outlander. Tibbermore Church in Perthshire ( where the witch trials in Outlander was filmed ) is another historic building that was struggling for money to do the restoration to keep the beautiful building standing.  With Outlander and it’s  fans help it will be standing for many more years.



UPDATE 9th February  2017

Here’s an updated  press article  about Wardlaw Mausoleum

Forensic experts to solve 270-year-old mystery of clan chief “The Fox” click here 

UPDATE 6th October  2017

The investigation into the bones begins

VIDEO: Forensic scientists exhume coffin in a bid to solve 250-year-old Lord Lovat mystery…..  click here 

UPDATE 18/01/2018

Today  500 people gathered in the Kingmills Hotel in Inverness to listen to Professor Sue Black deliver her  results of the  investigation.
The results came as a surprise and added more  mystery to the Old Fox  he’d foxed us once again


Click the links below for reports in the papers

 Click here

click here

click here


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  1. I understand that in other areas, the number of visitors are overwhelming the infrastructure. Bathrooms, parking, rubbish, etc. I hope the boom in tourists can also help historical sites increase revenue by public or private means. Great story!

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