Witches Trials

While on our travels locally we have found evidence of Witches Trials. The first story is from Forres which is about 25 miles from Inverness.  On the Main Street outside the Police Station there is a stone telling the story about Witches Trials.  The photo is not great because I took it after a Fireworks display in November but this is what it says.  Witches Stone  From Cluny Hill witches were rolled in stout barrels through which spikes were driven. Where the barrels stopped they were burned with their mangled contents.  This stone marks the site of one such burning.  Last year their were candles and flower tributes surrounding the stone I presume were laid on Halloween.  This is one of three stones placed to show where the barrels landed.


Further East in Keith, Aberdeenshire there is an information board about the town that speaks about Campbells hiding from Jacobites and more Witches Trials. Underneath the nearby bridge, is a deep pool, locally known as ‘Gaun’s Pot’. This was where witches were drowned in days gone past. This practice ceased in 1735.



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