Trip to The Dun Bonnet’s Cave

We first heard just over a year ago that the Dun Bonnet’s cave (mentioned in the  3rd novel of the Outlander series, Voyager) was a real place where the real  James Fraser, the 9th of Foyers reportedly hid out in for seven years following Culloden .  We said to each other that we’d  have to go visit but when we read more into it we soon realised that it wasn’t just a case of hopping in the car and heading out to Foyers . The cave is well  hidden (that’s why James Fraser picked it ) and it would be a hike to get there even if you knew where to go.   All we could do was hope that we’d find someone who knew where it was and was willing to take us.

Well last summer while having a coffee at Morag & Ali’s newly opened Camerons Tea Room & Farm Shop in Foyers the conversation turned to Outlander and the Dunbonnet’s cave was mentioned. Morag’s Husband Ali knew exactly where the cave was as he used to play in it as a child. Morag very kindly volunteered her husband to take us to the cave.. We would just  have to wait until the bracken died down.  The hike would be bad enough without having to fight our way through bracken.  The months passed and before we knew it winter was upon us so we had to wait until the weather improved.

Finally April came with it’s showers but we took a risk and agreed a date 12/04/15.

We all arrived at Cameron’s Tearoom which is such a fabulous family run Tearoom with a wee shop attached. Morag bakes all the cakes which are so delicious. We couldn’t start a hike without Tea and Scones.




When we were all fed and watered off we went.


It was quite a hike to the cave.  Ali told us Fraser of Foyers had killed a red coat  and buried him somewhere in this field.


We walked on up hills, over and under fences , through forests and up banks . The scenery around us was amazing.

IMG_9117 IMG_9122 IMG_9137 IMG_9144 IMG_9152 IMG_9149

We eventually came to the front of the cave there Ali told us that this was the hole where we were going to exit from . Looking at it we all thought that there was no way we would fit through it.


But up and over the back we went and along a very small ledge, if you look you can see the sheer drop off the ledge.

IMG_9166 IMG_9170

Ali was wonderful to us girls, helping us down into the back entrance of the cave.


Into the cave we went. It was really narrow and rocky.  Ali told us when his Dad was a boy  there was another level to the cave but it had all fallen in now ( this didn’t make us nervous at all!).  Into the cave we went anyway ….

11134369_10153236307164524_1739739868_n IMG_9179

When we got the the other side thinking again that there was no way we could fit through the hole in the rocks but thankfully we all managed to get through.  There was a lot of laughter involved seeing heads popping out through the hole.

IMG_9187 IMG_9188 IMG_9191 IMG_9194

This is the view of the cave from a few feet away.  You would never know it was there.


Enter a caption



We all got such a buzz from actually being to the Dun Bonnet’s cave, the cave where the real James Fraser from Foyers choose to hide out for seven years after Culloden. I just can’t imagine what it was like to hide out in there.

We were all glad to be back outside.  Here’s our photo of us just outside the cave.


We made our way back by sliding down banks and back to the Tea Room taking in the beautiful  scenery on the way.



Back to Cameron’s Tearoom for more tea and cakes. Also to let Morag know that we brought her husband and son Andrew back safe and sound. We opted  this time to have our tea outside as we as we were all so mucky( Morag tried to insist that we would be fine inside ).


We can never see this cave being part of an Outlander tour.  A tour operator would never get insurance to bring tourists there.  It’s not easily accessible and could be dangerous, we were just so lucky to know a friend who was willing to take time out of their busy schedule to show us. We had great time and it was a wonderful experience but I’m not sure we’d ever find the cave again.  Definitely a once in a lifetime experience.  Outlander has brought us together for all these fun days out.

Once again thank you to Cameron’s Tearoom. Please go click on their Facebook page and give them a like. If you’re in the Foyers area be sure and drop in for tea or a meal. Ali is also a Heilan Coo farmer so you can say hello the their Heilan Coos in the field at the back of the tearoom.


No trip to Foyers could be complete without a visit to the spectacular Falls of Foyers.

10427668_10203451517362670_6363162167348731462_n 11050751_10203451517602676_4677505265814204819_n

In July 2016 Diana Gabaldon  gave a wonderful talk at Culloden in which she tells us how the story of the Dun Bonnets Cave made it’s way into the Outlander story  .

38 thoughts on “Trip to The Dun Bonnet’s Cave

    1. Ty for sharing part of the history of this area and such fun as it is part of Diana’s wonderful Outlander storytelling. Loved it!!!


  1. Very interesting to see the photos & to read your descriptions. It’s one thing to read of Diana Gabaldon’s inspiration but quite another to see what it actually might have been. To know that James Fraser killed & buried a redcoat as well is fascinating history. Thank you for sharing your adventure with this reader.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Absolutely fascinating. I, too, had no idea there was a real James Fraser who actually hid in an actual Dunbonnet’s Cave after Culloden. And to know he killed a redcoat and buried him in that field. It brings the books to life, yes? Thank you SO MUCH!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a terrific adventure for you all. Thanks so much for sharing it with us and thanks to the gracious [Camerons?] for giving you the tour of a lifetime.


  4. Thanks so much for sharing. It is amazing scenery and looks pretty hard to get to. The person that stayed in cave for seven years; what was his name? Was it really James Fraser.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What an interesting story. How blessed can you be?! Once in a lifetime adventure for sure. Thank you for sharing. I love all the Outlander books and the tv series so this just made me love them more.


  6. Thank you so much for sharing the history. Had no idea there was a real James Fraser. So interesting to see how Diana’s storytelling has a touch of reality in it. Loved the pictures and story!!!


    1. Thank you so much for sharing. The photo’s look amazing and what it must have been like to hide out there for 7 years.


  7. Hello,
    I’ve followed the Claire/Jamie love story from the beginning!
    That being said, it is so very much more. I know not all of the events actually happened, however, it is truly a harrowing translation of history, love, time travel, & of course pursuing the love of your life….sparing all costs.
    To say it is a fascinating love story, merely scratches the surface!!!
    For me, finding about the historical factual parts have made just added value.
    It has made each season of the story more intrinsic than I’d ever thought it to be.
    I was unsure if I’d want to continue once they showed more perpetual travel through the stones.
    Jaime & Claire aging, sharing a daughter with Frank whom (I thought) Jaime would never set eyes on was not part of the story I’d ever thought of enjoying (having not read the books). That being said I typically watch Sundays episode, then go back to it on demand making sure I hadn’t missed anything crucial.
    Thank you #starz for a great show!!
    So thank you #STARZ for the great story peppered in truths.


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